Assessment - OSU Perspective Archive

Volume 8 (3) May, 2011

Contents:  Learning Goals for Graduates:  Implications for the Division of Student Affairs, September Scholars Program: Making a Difference, Student Athletes and BEST

Volume 8 (2) February, 2011

Contents:  The National Survey of Student Engagement--Select OSU 2010 Findings, BCSSE-NSSE Comparisons, Negative Academic Impacts and Health

Volume 8 (1) November, 2010

Contents:  High Impact Pedagogical Practices, Students and Sleep, Who's New in Student Affairs Research and Evaluation

Volume 7 (3) May, 2010

Contents: Students, Stress, and Health, Physical Activity Links to Stress Management, Mindfulness and the Mind Spa, To Sleep Again..., Power Up Challenge, Striving to make the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

Volume 7 (2) February 2010

Contents: Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement-Fall 2009-OSU Results,Past and Expected Academic Engagement, Importance of the Campus Environment, Advancing Data Collection Technology in Student Affairs

Volume 7 (1) October 2009

Contents: OSU Students' Perceptions of Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Inclusivity; Beliefs About Diversity at OSU; Fairness, Discrimination and Harassment

Volume 6 (3) July 2009

Special Issue. ePortfolios: Practices, Benefits, Drawbacks and Tips

Volume 6 (2) February 2009

Contents: Predictors of Likelihood to Persist (for OSU Students of Color), High Impact Educational Practices and the Influence on Diverse Groups, Introducing our New GTA, and Did You Know?

Volume 6 (1) November 2008

Contents: Success of Students of Color, Breaking Barriers, Learning Beyond the Classroom, and Facilitators and Obstacles to Minority Student Success.

Volume 5 (1) April 2008

Contents: PERSPECTIVE is back!; Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership; Student Voice: A New Assessment Tool and Management Software; National Survey of Student Engagement; Thoughts on Assessment.

Volume 4 (2) June 2006
Contents: National Survey of Student Engagement--OSU Results, Weatherford Hall: The Living and Learning Environment, International Assessment and Retention Conference, and Faculty Survey of Student Engagement--OSU Results.

Volume 4 (1) October 2005
Contents: Student Success: Creating conditions that Matter, What OSU First Year Students Say About Their First Few Months of Residential Experience, Student Borrowing and Debt Burden, and Thoughts on First Year Retention.

Volume 3 (3) May 2005

Contents: Greater Expectations, University Assessment Council Launched, Financial Aid - Working to Help Students Succeed, So Many Outcomes So Little Time (How to Focus Your Assessment), For Further Reading.

Volume 3 (2) April 2005

Contents: OSU Students of Color Results on the National Survey of Student Engagement, Project DEEP: Documenting Effective Educational Practices, First Year Students' Opinions on Social and Political Issues, For Further Reading, Student Affairs Assessment Council Updates.

Volume 3 (1) January 2005

Contents: OSU Student Learning and Assessment Symposium A Success, Key OSU Results on the 2004 National Survey of Student Engagement, 20 Tips for Survey Design, What is the Bologna Process?, For Further Reading, Student Affairs Assessment Council Wants You!, Faculty and Students Invited to Respond to Surveys on Student Engagement in 2005.

Volume 2 (4) June 2004

Contents: Student Affairs Use of Large Scale Surveys, OSU Symposium Slated for Fall, 2004, Entering OSU First Year Students, First Year Student Experiences, Faculty and Students Respond to Surveys of Student Engagement, Student Affairs Assessment Team Invited to NC State Assessment Symposium.

Volume 2 (3) February 2004

Contents:  Use of a Large Scale Survey for Benchmarking Library Service Quality, "Matching Service" to Help Students Pick Roomies, OSU Odyssey--What Do Students Think?, First Year Students Tell Us about Their First Year at OSU.

Volume 2 (2) Special Edition, November 2003

Contents:  Rec Sports-An Excellent Place to Workout and Play!  Students Rate MU as One of the Best!  How Do Students Rate OSU Student Health Services Quality?  Use of External Resources for Conducting Assessment; What Do Students Who Use the OSU Counseling and Psychological Services Tell Us?  GPA's of Students in Residence Halls Tops Those Who "Live Out."  START Soars!

Volume 2 (1) September 2003

Contents: Student Leaders of Positive Innovation make Recommendations to Provost's Council, Student Affairs Council Wants You!, Gap Measurement Analysis: A Useful Model for Service Quality Assessment, Assessment Expert to Consult at OSU, MU Looks Good!

Volume 1 (3) May 2003

Contents: What Do Incoming OSU First Year Students Tell Us?, Did You Know?, Total Immersion--Enhancing the OSU Student Experience, For Further Reading, Using Assessment Data in Student Life, OSU Perspective: What Is It?, Assessment Highlights from Student Affairs Departments

Volume 1 (2), March 2003
Contents: Health Impediments to Academic Performance, Students' Personal Challenges During the First Year, What Do Students Say About Study Abroad?, Speaking: Fundamental for College Graduates?, Did You Know?, Assessment Highlights from Student Affairs Departments

Volume 1(1), January, 2003 The text only version of this document is unavailable at this time.  Request a hard copy.
Contents: Good Educational Practices, Did You Know?, How are First Year and Senior Students Using Their Time?, OSU Perspective: What is it?, Assessment Highlights from Student Affairs Departments

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